Language school in Cebu recommended by local English teacher


Nowadays, English is not just a luxury but a necessity for business, travel, school, socializing, and in our everyday life. People whose main language is not English flock to English speaking countries to acquire English competency as it is the mainstream international language in this innovative world. English can be your weapon to achieve your…

Advantages and disadvantages of CDU ESL CENTER, a TESDA accredited english school in the Philippines


おすすめオンラインスクールを現役フィリピン人英会話講師に比較して10選聞いてみた One of the renowned schools in the Philippines The university is one of the few universities to be written on the “World Directory of Medical Schools” directory published by the World Health Organization (WHO). Cebu Doctors’ University runs six affiliated hospitals in Cebu aiming to establish the best medical school within the region. In…

Osmeña Peak and Casino Peak Hike

The stunning view at Lugsangan Peak or Casino Peak

おすすめオンラインスクールを現役フィリピン人英会話講師に比較して10選聞いてみた Cebu: Osmeña and Casino Peak, One Day Hike I know all of you are very familiar with the highest peak in Cebu Province, the Osmeña Peak. However, its neighboring peak, the Casino Peak or Lugsangan Peak is almost as beautiful as its counterpart. Thus, I visited them myself to see the beauty of these…

Best BBQ House in Cebu

Best BBQ House in Cebu

おすすめオンラインスクールを現役フィリピン人英会話講師に比較して10選聞いてみた Barbecue or Barbeque (BBQ) is a food loved by many Cebuanos. As we all know, barbecue (BBQ) is a meat skewered on a stick and grilled over charcoal or wood. Here in Cebu, you can find different kinds of BBQ sold on the street, in a fast food chain, and even in a fine…

Exploring Downtown Cebu on Foot

Colon Street

おすすめオンラインスクールを現役フィリピン人英会話講師に比較して10選聞いてみた Who says you need a car to explore Cebu? It is pretty much doable on foot, especially the Downtown Cebu. Wandering around the oldest street in Cebu is much more fun when you walk around. Walking around downtown will allow you to experience what Cebu was during the old times and will also let…

Cebu`s Best Unli Seafood Spots

The best Garlic Butter Prawns ever!

おすすめオンラインスクールを現役フィリピン人英会話講師に比較して10選聞いてみた Who doesn’t love seeing a bunch of seafood on the table? Especially if it is freshly cooked and all-you-can-eat? No doubt that all of you answered yes. I know seafood is craved by many so here are two of the many seafood restaurants that is amazingly delicious and budget friendly. Driveway Larangan and Seafood…

Plathora of Sardines in Moalboal


おすすめオンラインスクールを現役フィリピン人英会話講師に比較して10選聞いてみた Moalboal Diving with Sardines, Sea Turtles, and more According to the late world-renowned celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, Cebu’s famous mouthwatering “lechon” (roasted suckling pig) is “the best pig ever”. However, Cebu is not just about lechon, sweet mangoes, religious history, world class beach resorts, and pristine white sand beaches. There’s a lot more! Beyond…

A Weekend in Bohol

Chocolate Hills of Bohol

おすすめオンラインスクールを現役フィリピン人英会話講師に比較して10選聞いてみた If you are looking for a short weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city of Cebu which is the 2nd Largest Metropolitan area in the country next to Metro Manila, then I bet BOHOL is your number one choice. Bohol is one of my favorite places to visit in the Philippine…

Top 10 Cebu Falls You Should Chase

Top 10 Cebu Falls

おすすめオンラインスクールを現役フィリピン人英会話講師に比較して10選聞いてみた No. 1 – Kawasan Falls (Badian) Most preferred canyoneering site If you are an adrenaline junkie with a constant thirst for mind-numbing and exhilarating outdoor adventures, then you should stop by Kawasan Falls Badian, a municipality south of Cebu. This falls has got to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the…

Top 10 Mactan Resorts

Top 10 Mactan Resorts

おすすめオンラインスクールを現役フィリピン人英会話講師に比較して10選聞いてみた Cebu is a well-known travel destination for both local and foreign tourists.Cebu City tourist attractions such as the St. Nino Church, Magellan’s Cross, Cebu Heritage Monument, Tops Observatory, Taoist Temple, Temple of Leah and Sirao Garden are just a stone throw away from Mactan Island. Thus, some tourists opt to stay in Mactan, Cebu….