Best BBQ House in Cebu

Best BBQ House in Cebu

Barbecue or Barbeque (BBQ) is a food loved by many Cebuanos. As we all know, barbecue (BBQ) is a meat skewered on a stick and grilled over charcoal or wood. Here in Cebu, you can find different kinds of BBQ sold on the street, in a fast food chain, and even in a fine dining restaurants. Chicken skewers, pork, fish, sausage, shrimp, squid, name it, they have it. Thus, this blog is all about our top 10 favourite barbecue houses in Cebu City.


BBQ choices in Larsian
BBQ choices in Larsian

“Larsian sa Fuente” or simply “Larsian” is home to the best barbecues in Cebu. When you talk about bbq, then Larsian is the first name that comes to every Cebuano’s mind. Thus, no visit to Cebu without trying the barbecues in Larsian sa Fuente.

Larsian is not just a single restaurant, it is a collection of barbecue stalls inside. Once you step in, you will be welcome by shops staff inviting you to try their barbecues. You’ll feel like a celebrity surrounded by a horde of fans. They’ll approach you then be escorted to their shops, pick the barbecues of your choice, seated, and wait for those smoked barbecues fresh from the grill served on your table. Aside from the usual barbecues, they also have fish stew, seafood soups, desserts, and the likes. If you fancy beers, they have one too. Take note, rest assured that the newly opened Larsian sa Fuente is cleaner and more organised for a much better dining experience.
Operating Hours: Opens 24 Hours
Contact Number: Varies on Shops
Average Cost: 250 Peso for two people
Address: Don Mariano Cui Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City



The Original AA BBQ

The Original AA BBQ

Another well known barbecue restaurant in Cebu is no other than the AA BBq. It has been in the city for a while now. It started in Lahug, Cebu as a small barbecue stand aiming to serve the locals. Years after that, that small stall turned into a more comfortable dining ambiance and has more than 10 branches all over Cebu. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly food, relaxing dining ambiance and well mannered staff, then AA BBQ is the place to go.

Right at the entrance, you’ll be guided to the food display area, choose your food, and specify how you want them to be cooked. Grilled, fried, or stewed, it’s all up to you. I highly recommend their fresh seafood such as shrimp, scallops, fish, and squid. If you want some salads, they have too. To complete that AA BBQ dining experience, they have fruit juices, shakes and desserts to choose from. So chow down slowly and enjoy that bbq experience.
Operating Hours: from 11am to 1am
Contact Number: 032 2382185
Average Cost: 350 Peso for two people
Address: Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City (10 more branches in Cebu)


Matias BBQ in A.S. Furtuna
Matias BBQ in A.S. Furtuna

If you are living in Mandaue area and is craving for a char grilled meat, then for sure Matias open-air bbq house is your go-to-place. They also started as a small bbq stall under a huge fruit tree along the A.S. Furtuna highway. Over the years, the small bbq eatery expanded and gets more crowded with hungry people waiting to get their hands on Matias special barbecues.
At the grilling area, they have pork, chicken, chorizos (Cebu style sausage), and other meats in a huge basin, just pick your barbecues and their staff will grill those half-cooked marinated skewers for you. You’ll then be guided to your table and hanging rice is served. They have sodas and beers to push down those meat but I recommend you try their fresh fruit shakes, especially the green mango shakes. It’s the best.
Operating Hours: From 11:30am to 10pm
Contact Number: 032 3452164 / 032 3469123
Average Cost: 300 for two people
Address: A. S. Fortuna Street, Banilad, Mandaue City


Another local BBQ restaurant that we love is Yakski. I personally a regular customer in their branch in Don Mariano Cui Street because it is well ventilated and homey ambiance. Other branches of this bbq house is in Cebu IT Park, and in Mactan Island, inside Gaisano Saver’s Mart.
Yakski’s open-air ambiance and rocks flooring seems like your typical backyard barbecue house. They serve the usual pork barbecue, chicken leg, chicken breast, tuna belly, chorizo and other meat skewers with their secret sauce. Make sure you come early as the shops get crowded quickly especially during the weekend.
Operating Hours: 11:30am to 2:30pm (LUNCH) ; 5:00pm to 12am (DINNER) Daily
Contact Number: 032 2543977
Average Cost: 300 for two people
Address: 268 Don Mariano Cui Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City (2 more branches in cebu)

Harrison Park

Harrison Park in Mandaue, Cebu
Harrison Park in Mandaue, Cebu

Harrison food park is most likely one of the oldest food park in the metro. This food park serves grilled meat, soup, sizzling food, and other delectable finger food for drinking.Yes! This food house is an open-air beer and bbq house. Due to its reasonable prices, harrison park is loved by the youngsters, students, and the millennials. So for your Friday night out with friends, you might consider Harrison Park as your hideout. They have three branches in the city, one in Urgello Street, in IT Park, and the newly opened one in Mandaue City, at the back of Parkmall. I personally love the Mandaue branch because it is more open and cleaner.
Operating Hours: From 4pm to 2am DAILY
Contact Number: 032 4182058
Average Cost: 350 for two people
Address: Jamestown Mantawi International Drive, Tipolo, Mandaue City (2 more branches in Cebu)


EAT, DRINK, DATE, and CHILL, those are the words that I could think of when it comes to KKD STK and BBQ. In addition, Delicious, affordable, and good service, are the characteristics that makes KKD STK and BBQ stand out from the crowd. Their rustic and chic ambiance with the view of the Cebu Sea across the resto is what makes customers to come back.

This restaurant is not all about BBQ only, they specializes on STK where “S” stands for SUGBA (grill), “T” for TUWA (soup), “K” for “KILAW” (raw). I must say that you get your hands on their sweetened barbecue, Pochero, Crispy Pata, and Sizzling dishes. My personal recommendation. So this makes KKD STK and BBQ a perfect place for your friends and family after a weeklong work, chill out night with live music in the background, or just a normal date night with your loved ones. “Good Filipino Food” is what this restaurant’s aim to serve the Cebuanos and foreign diners.
Operating Hours: From 10am to 10pm Daily
Contact Number: 032 2316378 / +63 9177000499
Average Cost: 600 for two people
Address: M. C. Briones Street, San Roque, Cebu City (1 more branch in Cebu)

Barbecue Boss

You’re the Boss at Barbecue Boss
You’re the Boss at Barbecue Boss

Barbecue Boss is not your typical BBQ House, it is also a favorite hangout place for beer drinkers. It’s a good place to hangout with friends to grab some beer, to celebrate the finishing week, or to simply just chill. Other than their specialty grilled menu, they also have soup, sizzling dishes, vegetables, noodles, and fried items. This bbq house is open 24 hours and 7 days a week, so just visit their branches in Banilad or Mabolo, Cebu. These might not be the coziest place to dine but it is a budget friendly bbq house.
Operating Hours: Opens 24 Hours
Contact Number: +63 9236839487
Average Cost: 400 for two people
Address: F. Cabahug Street Corner Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City

Neo Neo BBQ Grill

If you are looking for a fresh grilled meat and seafood in town then Neoneo Grill House is the place to be. Their wide variety of grilled menu to home-cooked style Filipino, Japanese and Singaporean food are what keeps the customer coming. Neoneo Grill house has branches in Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo, M.C. Cuenco, Banilad, and Gorordo, Cebu City and some are also inside the mall. This is how in demand this restaurant is. The Visayan hospitality and the homey ambiance is what this restaurant is very proud of. Thus, I can say that this restaurant is perfect for your friends and family.
Operating Hours: 11am to 2:00pm (LUNCH), 5:00pm to 10:00pm (DINNER)
Contact Number: No available
Average Cost: PHP650 for 2 people
Address: President Quirino Street, Kasambagan, Cebu City (more branches at the mall in Cebu)

Maboy’s BBQ

Maboy’s BBQ is an abbreviation of “Manok” (chicken) and “Baboy” (pork) Barbecue. Thus, the restaurant name “Maboy BBQ and Unlimited Rice” gives us an idea that they serve mainly grilled pork and chicken with unlimited rice on the side. But, they don’t limit their menu to grilled only, they have Pochero, Scallops, Spicy Shrimps, Adobo , and other home-cooked Filipino food. Maboy’s BBQ is situated in Talamban, Cebu but if it is a bit far from your place, you don’t need to worry because they are open for delivery with a minimum of Php 400.
Operating Hours: Opens from 10:30am to 10:00pm
Contact Number: 3287154 or 09226882556
Average Cost: 300 for two people
Address: Meñoza street North Agora Talamban, Cebu City 6000

Mang Inasal

This restaurant’s signature Paa (leg part quarter chicken) and Pecho (breast part quarter chicken) with unlimited rice is what makes Mang Inasal famous. Together with its trademark condiments, such as the chicken oil that the patrons love to drizzle on the rice to enhance more the taste… hmm. It is a rice marathon dining experience. To enjoy more Mang Inasal dining experience, eat your meal using your bare hands (Filipino Style). They have a wash area to clean your hands first before you dig in. Mang Inasal started in Iloilo in 2003, and now has 500 branches all over the country and 21 of which are in Cebu malls and other selected locations. So to get that grilled chicken fix, go visit the nearest Mang Inasal!
Operating Hours: from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Daily
Contact Number: 32 3280729
Average Cost: PHP400 for two people
Address: Ground Floor, Parkmall, Ouano Avenue, Tipolo, Mandaue City (Chain Restaurant)