Cebu City’s Best Massage Shops


Whether you’re looking for a quick pampering or a full day of rest and relaxation, you’ll find dozens of locally and foreign owned spa facilities in Cebu City. Since the boom of tourism in the city due to the increase in demand for English as a Second language schools for nationals in neighboring asian countries, Cebu has been a haven of recreational spots. With this came the sprouting of spas and resorts in the metro and we have listed 10 of the most sought after spa facilities.

No. 1 – Thai Boran

A place for personal healing of the mind and body that’s not heavy on the pocket.

Thai Boran

Thai Boran is a budget-friendly spa that offers a combination of body massages. While the Thai Boran spas are prolific in Cebu, the one in Escario St. is by far, the best in terms of quality of the massage, professionalism of their masseuse, cleanliness of the place, and overall customer service experience. The spa is right beside Alberto’s Pizza in Escario St. They sometimes tend to get busy so it’s advisable to call in for reservation to avoid wait time. Also, when they offer the foot wash before you start your massage, ask the therapist to make sure that the water temperature isn’t too hot. Although the spa leaves something to be wanted, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!

  • Pros:Budget friendly; accessible in the metro; has parking space for customers
  • Cons:Massage therapists who are not working on clients sometimes tend to be noisy in the waiting area
  • Business Hours:2PM to 2AM (Monday to Sunday)
  • Price Range:$
  • References:Thai Boran Escario Branch Facebook Page

No. 2 – Nuat Thai

A budget friendly Thai massage in the city.

Nuat Thai
Figure 2 Photo credit: TRIP ADVISOR

Similar to Thai Boran, Nuat Thai also has a lot of branches in Cebu. You see them in shopping centers and it is also highly commercialized. Their strategic locations can give you the advantage of squeezing in that much needed massage between errands, like grocery shopping or paying your bills at the mall. Although the best Nuat Thai masseuse is in their Talisay City South Town Center branch, which is about an hour away from the metro, there are also good therapists across Midtown and Uptown Cebu. One tip is to ask the receptionist who is the most sought after therapist and you’ll definitely have a bang for your buck when it comes to the quality of massage service.

  • Pros:Easy on the pocket, branches are everywhere; mall branches have parking space for customers.
  • Cons:You might encounter therapists who are not well-trained and they can also get rowdy when they do not have clients
  • Business Hours:9AM to 1AM (Monday to Sunday)
  • Price Range:$
  • References:Nuat Thai Website

No. 3 – Grand Royal Spa

A convenient way to cool down for weary travelers.

Grand Royal Spa
Figure 3 Photo credit: LOVEMINDANAO

Grand Royal Spa has a couple of branches in the Visayas and Mindanao, 4 of which are in Cebu City. Their branch in Mid Town Cebu is right at the heart of the metro. Its proximity to budget hotels and traveler inns and hotels, medical centers, schools, and government offices, makes it a treat for local and foreign travelers who would want to get that quick pampering. The spa boasts of a mix of high end spa experience that won’t break your bank. Although they can really benefit from upgrading their facilities, the spa banks on their strategic location and friendly staff to keep their regulars coming and attract new customers.

  • Pros:Highly accessible and has dedicated parking space for their guests.
  • Cons:They can get busy during peak hours and you might have a long wait time
  • Business Hours:11AM to 1AM (Monday to Thursday) 11AM to 2AM (Weekends)
  • Price Range:$$
  • References:Grand Royal Spa Website

No. 4 – Alnea Spa

Where relaxation is luxuriously affordable.

Alnea Spa
Figure 4 Photo credit: GOOGLE MAPS IMAGES

Alnea Spa is known for their professionalism and customer service. Their therapists are trained to address their guests and customers, both locals and foreign, in English and it is quite visible that they have a standard in the way that they deliver their service. Aside from variations in massage types, they also offer manicure and pedicure services. The spa has a modern design and is well-maintained. And although you get that high end service vibe, the prices are still pretty reasonable.

  • Pros:It is conveniently located near Cebu’s business center and they provide parking space for their customers.
  • Cons:You might get stuck in moderate to heavy traffic getting to the spa during rush hours.
  • Business Hours:Hours: 1PM to 12AM (Monday – Sunday)
  • Price Range:$$
  • References:Alnea Spa Facebook Page

No. 5 – Imperial Spa

World class pampering right at your fingertips.

Imperial Spa
Figure 5 Photo credit: TRIP ADVISOR

Imperial spa is a must try if you’re looking for an upscale full-service spa experience without resorting to hotel spa services, where prices are sky high. From the moment you enter their doors, you’ll be greeted with warmth and hospitality that speaks a lot about their customer service. They have a VIP room and a jacuzzi. However, you don’t need to book the VIP room to get a VIP treatment. When you choose your service type at the reception, you will be given a wide choices of scented oils that you wish to use for your massage. Afterwhich, you will be asked to wait for a few minutes at their lounge area (loaded with plenty of reading materials so you won’t get bored) while they prepare your room. Once ready, a guest relations representative will direct you to your room and one of their highly trained therapists will give you the best massage in the metro!

  • Pros:Excellent customer service. They have their own property with parking for guests.
  • Cons:Could be hard to get to during rush hour.
  • Business Hours:12PM to 2AM (Monday – Sunday)
  • Price Range:$$
  • References:Imperial Spa Facebook Page

No. 6 – Meddah Spa

Premier professional comfort and relaxation

Meddah Spa

Meddah Spa is one of the more high end spa’s in the city. It is a botique spa that offers a variety of massages and their service is really one to beat! The warm and homey feel and design of their facility is also something to rave about, which is kept exceptionally clean and well-maintained. This spa comes highly recommended on several travel sites. You might shell out more money for their services compared to other commercialized day spas in Cebu, but you’ll see that it was worth every penny when you get to try their world class massages!

  • Pros:High end service that will never be a let down.
  • Cons:Pricier compared to other spas.
  • Business Hours:10AM to 12AM (Monday – Sunday)
  • Price Range:$$$
  • References:Meddah Spa Facebook Page

No. 7 – The Spa at Cebu

Full-service pampering right at the heart of Cebu

The Spa at Cebu
Figure 7 Photo credit: THE SPA AT CEBU WEBSITE

The Spa at Cebu had its time during its heydays as one of the most sought after spas in Cebu. They offer full-service pampering from scrubs to facials to overnight pampering at their facility. They are also one of the very few day spas who have jacuzzi and sauna massage packages. One important tip to travelers is to contact the spa before you go there to inquire if the services that you want are available, especially their sauna and jacuzzi as the spa has received a lot of flak and bad reviews due to services that should be included in their packages being unavailable. One of the spa’s redeeming qualities today would be their Ayala Center’s branch location as it is right inside the shopping center.

  • Pros:Location is inside the mall making it convenient for shoppers to get a quick pampering after shopping.
  • Cons:Price to quality service ratio tends to be quite exorbitant.
  • Business Hours:9AM to 12AM (Monday – Sunday)
  • Price Range:$$$
  • References:The Spa at Cebu Website

No. 8 – Olle Spa

A gem of maximum relaxation without maximum spending

Olle Spa

Olle Spa has become one of the most preferred boutique day spas in the city because of their unparalleled service and reasonable prices. With its Korean owner being extremely hands on in managing the business and being a great example for staff on excellent customer service, you will not only get what you have paid for, you will surely leave the spa feeling relaxed with an increased sense of well-being. This is a definite must try for both foreigner and locals who are looking for a day of self-care and pampering.

  • Pros:Friendly Korean owner and professional staff with state of the art facility and service.
  • Cons:You might need to call in for reservations during peak hours.
  • Business Hours:10AM to 12AM (Monday – Sunday)
  • Price Range:$
  • References:Olle Spa Facebook Page

No. 9 – Avalon Spa

Rejuvenation that’s accessible and affordable

Avalon Spa
Figure 9 Photo credit: TRIP ADVISOR

Avalon spa boasts of its ambiance that’s highly conducive for rest and relaxation. The crisp design and clean facility is a very refreshing when you avail of their budget-friendly services. Apart from its cozy interiors, the spa is also vies to be on the top of your must try list when you are in the city. They have a myriad of other services such as pampering for your nails, your face and even your teeth! (teeth whitening service)

  • Pros:Restful ambiance and good prices.
  • Cons:Location is quite far from the city center.
  • Business Hours:10AM to 12AM (Monday – Sunday)
  • Price Range:$$
  • References:Avalon Spa Website

No. 10 – Cebu Holiday Gym and Spa

Hotel, gym and spa experience rolled in one cozy location

Cebu Holiday Gym and Spa

Cebu Holiday Gym and Spa is a sweet spot for a complete mind and body retreat!. They are a hotel complex and they offer gym memberships apart from their hotel with swimming pool and their full-service spa facility. For the first time traveler, the location may be a little challenging to go to, you can use a nifty GPS map app to get to the hotel. The place isn’t too crowded even during peak hours since their location is quite spacious. You can check in their hotel and have the massage right at the comfort of your room and take a quick dip in their pool after.

  • Pros:Get your massage service delivered right to your hotel room.
  • Cons:Limited hours of operation.
  • Business Hours:2PM to 11PM (Monday – Sunday)
  • Price Range:$$
  • References:Cebu Holiday Gym and Spa Website