Advantages and disadvantages of CDU ESL CENTER, a TESDA accredited english school in the Philippines


One of the renowned schools in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Cebu Doctors’ University is known for its high quality education.
Victoria Marie
Victoria Marie
The university is one of the few universities to be written on the “World Directory of Medical Schools” directory published by the World Health Organization (WHO). Cebu Doctors’ University runs six affiliated hospitals in Cebu aiming to establish the best medical school within the region.
In 2009, CDU ESL Center became an official partner language center with Cebu Doctors’ University through a memorandum of agreement, registered in the Philippine Bureau of Immigration and acquired a Certification as a Registered Language Center from TESDA. CDU ESL Center is an English as a Second Language school that caters non-English speakers who want to improve their skills in using the English language.

Why study in CDU ESL CENTER?


High Curriculum Satisfaction

CDU ESL CENTER has various programs to choose from and these programs are with high-quality customized lessons tailored to individual needs.

CDU ESL CENTER value students daily schedule

value students daily schedule
Class schedule is basically until 16:50 in which there is no time wasted. After classes, students are encouraged to join Speech Presentation, extra-curricular activities, and self-study. CDU ESL CENTER value the individual time of students.

Emphasized Speaking Program

Students can take 6-8 man to man classes which is the core point here in the Philippines. The class method is ideal to the needs of each student, especially for those who are weak at speaking.

CDU ESL CENTER’s Good Environment

The Cebu Doctors University is just next to the ESL Center thus the school’s environment provides an opportunity to experience the local culture. It gives an atmosphere that helps ESL students gain confidence in making friends with the at most 200 Cebu Doctors’ University local students living in the same dormitory. With this study and living environment, students have a greater chance to communicate with Cebu Doctors’ University Students. All ESL students can participate in the sports events, festivals, and even study together. CDU ESL CENTER has “Cafe Talking” program sponsored by the school to be held once a week in which ESL students can experience another culture by exchanging information and spending time with CDU local students.

Schools Vicinity

The school facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, convenient living environment with a high level of accessory facilities specially designed for language learning. Moreover, there’s a convenience store, a food court, and a large shopping mall in the area which can be reached in less than 10 minutes on foot.


CDU ESL CENTER offers a comfortable dormitory facility and a chance to have a roommate of different nationalities. Each rooms are equipped with WIFI and a LAN cable for the students to stay connected on the internet. Students can choose from a single occupancy, double occupancy, triple occupancy, or quadruple occupancy type of rooms.
In addition, the school has a buffet style cafeteria that caters various menu for Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Chinese, and other nationalities.
There is a self-study room, small garden and cafe in the school’s vicinity. Students can also play badminton and basketball in the school ground. Each CDU ESL CENTER students has a privilege to avail the school’s own massage spa, and clinic for common illness such as cold and fever.

Extra-Curricular Activity

Various social services are also available through external volunteer programs such as mangrove planting, orphanage visits and visiting home for the aged.

Balance Rate of Each Student’s Nationality

With the balance number of students from different countries, CDU ESL CENTER provides a natural learning environment to boost confidence in engaging conversations with each student. Aside from learning English, students have a chance to learn the Philippine culture and the cultures of other nationalities.

Comfortable life due to the presence of foreign staff in the area

Since CDU ESL CENTER has a Father/Mother teacher system that monitors the students’ attendance, grades and class performance, and in-house Japanese staff that are reachable anytime, each students are well taken care of from admission to graduation.

Disciplined School Regulation

To secure the students’ safety, CDU ESL CENTER strictly follow a curfew time policy and in order to protect each other’s gender, male and female dormitory are situated separately.

Latest Security Facility

The school has a 24-hour security service at the main gate and uses biometric fingerprint scanner to monitor students coming in and going out of the school and dormitory.
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Personal Speaking Course

This course is designed for those individuals who want to focus on learning the English language through one-on-one session with the teachers.
Learning the basic reading, writing, listening and speaking in a balanced way. It gives the students four (4) one-on-one classes and two (2) group classes suitable for beginners.

Intensive Speaking Course

The course is open to all individuals who want to improve their English skills through intensive one-on-one classes.
Students will be exposed to the various classes and subject areas in English. The Intensive Speaking course offers six (6) one-on-one and two (2) group classes namely TOEIC, TOEFL, Media and Business class. It is most suitable for those individuals who want to improve their conversation skills in a short period of time.

Power Speaking

Gain confidence in Presentation Class! Aim for the best ability to improve in a short period of time.
This course is intended to increase the students’ confidence in English especially in making presentations and speeches. Power Speaking Course gives rigid training and closely monitored nine (9) hour classes to the students that composed of five (5) one-on-one classes, two (2) group class, and two (2) more hours for the Practical Presentation class.

Business Course

Gain practical business English skills! Ideal for those individuals who need English at work.
Business English training is a very common trend, coaching is the new paradigm for Business English students to observe and improve their English proficiency. Through individual guidance and coaching system we provide unique premium English courses. The course provides three (3) 1:1, one (1) 1:4, two (2) 1:8, two (2) 1:16 classes that sums up the 40 lessons in a week.

TOEIC Test Preparation Program

Improve your TOEIC Score in a short period of time! Managed and master your status through weekly and monthly test.
We give the basic things you need to know and learn to prepare for the test to attain your target scores. This TOEIC course includes a comprehensive monthly mock test (TOEIC RC/LC/S/W). The key components like Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Vocabulary and Expressions are strategically distributed and divided into 10 classes daily which give the highest advantage in learning them within a short period. The lessons are composed of (5) 1:1, 2 (1:4), 1 (1:8), 2 (Mock Test).

IELTS Test Preparation Program

Basic knowledge on IELTS and the skills needed to perform well during the test.
IELTS preparation program is for students who are not familiar with the IELTS Test. ESL classes paralleled with the IELTS subjects for adaptation to increase the basic knowledge about the testing system and the skills required to perform better.The (5) 1:1, 1 (1:4), 2 (1:8), 2 (Mock Test) daily lessons help strengthen the skills needed in achieving the students goal.

Medical English Course

A specialized curriculum unique for language learners in a medical school.
The school is affiliated to Cebu Doctors University which runs six hospitals in the region maintaining a high evaluation in the Philippines and it is the best environment to learn medical English. Attractive courses are offered by Cebu medical college graduates and lecturers of medical professionals.
In one-on-one lessons, students learn accurate communication, learn medical knowledge and terms related to medical care, and medical-related conversation collections actually used. In a group lesson, we will focus on site-aware lessons, such as role-play related to medical conditions in response to various situations.
Also, activities that are held once a week are also attractive. We have established a place for communication with Cebu Medical College facility tour, university hospital visit, Cebu Medical University students, exchange opinions and cross-cultural exchanges.

Family English Course

Worry-Free, study with family
Study with the whole family without the worry of sending a child alone. The parents and children have their respective English classes and can enjoy their leisure time with the family member/s after. Not to mention the various activities that the school offers for the entire family to enjoy the beautiful nature of Cebu Island.
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Friendly local medical students and fun language exchange with students from other countries.
One of the opportunities that CDU ESL students will experience is having a social life with the Filipino medical students who are living in the same dormitory. CDU ESL Center has a cafe for students and Filipino medical students to mingle, make friends, or even do school task together. Students can interact with the local medical students to practice English and have a cross-cultural exchanges. The best way to learn English when studying abroad is to communicate with local people a lot.

Cafe Talk

CDU ESL Center organizes “Cafe Talking” activity once a week for the students.
Victoria Marie
Victoria Marie
It is a significant time to enjoy talking with the Filipino medical students and enjoy cross-cultural exchanges easily with snacks and drinks prepared by the school. It is an opportunity to be acquainted with not only the Filipino medical students but also students from other countries of the same ESL center.
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Cebu City Tour

This tour lets you experience what Cebu like is the past. Together, we will travel back in time through visiting museums, historical sites, and other significant spots that made cebu what it is in the present.

Island Hopping Tour

Aboard the unique boat called “Bangka” while touring the beautiful islands of Cebu is the most popular tour. Activities such as snorkeling in the beautiful transparent Cebu sea, barbecue and fruit lunch menu upon landing on the island, or just relaxing on the beach under the sun are a few of what this indispensable Island Hopping tour offers. CDU ESL Center has a travel center for your convenience on making activity reservations.

Top 10 Resort Islands in Cebu

Bohol Island Day Tour

The tour includes visiting “Sandugo” or the Blood Compact Shrine, the old church from the Spanish era, meeting the “Tarsier”, enjoy a beautiful lunch while cruising the “Lobok” river on a bamboo raft and see the enchanting Chocolate Hills from the observatory at the end of 214 steps.
Loboc Floating Restaurant
There is a fast boat to Bohol Island leaving nearby CDU ESL Center. For anyone who is going to study abroad, Bohol Island is a must place to visit.

Meet the Whale Shark

swimming with the biggest fish
The whale shark is the largest fish in the world with an approximately 13 meter body length. Get up close with this gentle giants and experience this unique wildlife interaction that happens almost every day in the suburbs of the town of Oslob at the southern tip of Cebu. This famous attraction started since summer of 2011.
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Get to know the community through volunteering. Contribute to society.
Through various volunteering activities, students can know better the Philippines and understand the current state of this developing country. The activities will make students reflect about their life environment in Japan and this can lead to aggressive social contributions in the future. Be a volunteer while studying abroad.

Mangrove Planting

Mangrove is a generic name for plants growing along shores, rivers, and estuaries in the tropics and subtropics. The phenomenon of mangroves is remarkable in Cebu and restoration of mangroves in Southeast Asia including the Philippines is an important issue. At the volunteer, we are carrying out tree planting environmental activities with local residents.

Orphanage Visit

Children in orphanages live in various circumstances such as poverty, physical and mental abuse, abandonment of childcare, parents perpetrators of crime, and so on. Volunteers will help manage the facility, such as giving meals, cleaning, playing with children and so on. Be a part of this life-changing experience while studying in Cebu.
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Study at ease in a well- equipped environment! Relax! Live comfortably while studying abroad!

English Only Policy (EOP) Zone

English Only Policy (EOP) Zone
It is an area of the school where everyone is prohibited to speak languages ​​other than English. There is a penalty given to those who will be caught speaking in vernacular. Hence, improving student’s English skills is much faster.


The building is equipped with 152 rooms for the 1:1 class and 42 group class rooms. As the classrooms are situated in the same building as the dormitory, it takes less time to go to their classes.


We have a school nurse that is available to tend small illnesses. If condition gets unmanageable, our nurse and Japanese staff will accompany you to CDU ESL affiliated hospital which is walking distance from the school.

Dining Area

Worried about the daily meal when you’re living in a foreign country? Our buffet style dining offers Filipino food and other international cuisines so you can enjoy various tastes. The dining area can accommodate 200 people so everyone can relax and enjoy a conversation while eating with friends.

Student Service

Student Service
Students can pay their electric bills, VISA, etc. at the service counter windows located at the ground floor the school. If students have any problems, they can always approach the Japanese staff that are staying always at the counseling office.


We sell snacks, juice, and other daily necessities. Enjoy the variety of snacks from the Philippines, Japan, Korea, etc. Our shop is also ideal for a short break before or after classes.

Study Room

Our study room are furnished with cubicles for students to study with privacy. Each cubicle is provided with LAN router for the convenience of students doing Internet research.


All rooms are very spacious, it has an equivalent size of about 11 tatami. One advantage of the dormitory is the bath and toilet are situated separately. Each rooms are equipped with a desk, closet, air conditioner, refrigerator, and washroom for students to live comfortably while studying abroad.


PhilTalk Lounge cafeteria sells snacks, juices, and other daily necessities. It is also a perfect place for ESL students and Filipino medical students to gather, chat and study.

Laundry Service

Laundry Service
There is a laundry service in the dormitory for the students convenience. Students can deposit their laundry twice a week and can be claimed back after two days.


The school owns a massage spa which is just situated inside CDU ESL. Students have discount in availing the body massage and facial massage service. It is a relaxing way to eliminate daily tiredness.

Coffee Shop

Serving high quality coffee to all ESL and local medical students. With the school’s cafe’s cozy ambiance, students can study and enjoy coffee just like in commercial cafes. This is also a perfect location for social networking.
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Before coming here, let me tell you about what is the Philippines like:

Victoria Marie
Victoria Marie
It is a country composed of 7,107 islands in the Pacific Ocean.
Manila, famous for its metropolis; Cebu, a beautiful and comfortable beach resorts where you can taste the special atmosphere of Asia. Rich nature, marine sports, spa, shopping, etc. The Philippines is a resort island where you can enjoy various activities. It is about 4 and a half hours from Japan to Cebu and there is only one hour difference. The Philippines land area is about 80% of Japan. There are about 80 different languages in the country. Tagalog is the mother tongue, both Tagalog and English are its official language. Filipinos bares a bright, friendly and hospitable personality.

What is Cebu like?

Cebu is an island in the Visayas region in the central Philippines, an elongated and large island that extends 225 km north to south.
Victoria Marie
Victoria Marie

Cebu Province is the center of the Visayas Islands which consists of 167 surrounding islands. Cebu is known for its world-class universities and best summer resorts in the Philippines.

Metro Cebu (Cebu City, Mandaue City, Lapu-lapu City, Talisay City)

Cebu Province is made up of seven cities and six towns and Metro Cebu is its capital, the second largest metropolitan area after Manila. Life here is very convenient as there are a lot of modern facilities in the city including the largest shopping mall in the Philippines.CDU ESL Center is located in Mandaue City, which is in Metro Cebu. It is about 15 minutes from Cebu Airport and located between the airport and Cebu City. It is very convenient for studying abroad.

Mactan Island

The airport is situated in Mactan Island where it is abundant of resorts and hotel facilities. Anyone can enjoy marine sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing and the likes. Due to the rainforest climate, Cebu has a climate of both wet and dry throughout the year. It is dry and sunny throughout the year with minimal rainfall so enjoying such activities is not impossible. Moreover, CDU ESL Center has a travel center where you can book a day trip to any hotel on Mactan island and the other nearby islands.

Top 10 Mactan Resorts

Shopping Centre

There are a couple of large shopping malls in Cebu City such as Ayala Center, SM City Mall, SM Seaside Mall, and Robinsons Mall. It’s a place where you can find clothing, miscellaneous goods, restaurants, cafes, electronic appliance shops inside the mall which sums to about 300 stores bigger than shopping malls in Japan. Many people often flock to malls during holidays. Moreover, security guards are stationed at the entrance and checking bags is conveniently conducted. Mostly, students go to the shopping center every weekend.The shopping malls situated nearby the CDU ESL Center makes it more convenient for the students to visit together with the other foreign students and local medical students.

Top 10 Malls in Cebu City

Cebu City Transportation

Cebu City has a big population and adding up the cars and motorbike population.The transportation population is big, thus it is a very active city. On the other hand, the traffic lights are only a few so it is sometimes congested so students need to be more careful. If one goes to the countryside, transportation is lesser but in terms of safety, they still have to be cautious. Taxi is an ideal mode of transportation we can recommend.

Guide to Living in Cebu: How to get around the Metro


Victoria Marie
Victoria Marie
CDU ESL Center is situated in a lovely area in Cebu and itself offers a good atmosphere in a nice building. The teachers are very motivated and friendly.

With the help of our well-equipped teachers, tailored curriculum, dedicated management and staff, learning English will be easier assuring the school will provide all students needs. Everyone is welcome.So come and discover the wonders of learning the English language in CDU ESL Center.
Contact Number: (032) 238 3754
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Address:Larrazabal Avenue North Reclamation Area 6014 Subangdaku Mandaue City Cebu Philippines