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Here in the Philippines, no kids or no one who doesn’t know the iconic 6 Footer Human-Bee-Like Statue Standing still at the entrance of the country’s largest fast-food chain, JOLLIBEE.
Jollibee is probably the BEST and MOST LOVED fast food chain here in the Philippines. It is well known for its “Crispylicious and Juicylicious” Jolly Fried Chicken. I am pretty sure that many agree with me as this local fast food is not just patronized by Filipinos in the Philippines but also around the globe. In fact it has 1200 branches all over the world as of April 2018. And just last month they opened their stores in London, United Kingdom. Other branches of Jollibee overseas are in California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Illinois, Washington, Virginia, Canada, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Italy. Jollibee CEO Mr. Tony Tan Caktiong announced that they are planning to open its doors in two more markets; Australia and Japan.

Jollibee Chickenjoy
Jollibee Chickenjoy – Php 89

Jollibee is the McDonalds of the Philippines or shall I say KFC of the country. People in all ages flocked in this fast food restaurant just to get their hands on that hot, crispy, and juicy fried chicken paired with smoking hot white rice and gravy dipping sauce. For Filipinos, nothing beats Jollibee’s finger-licking-good and mouth-watering fried chicken. You’ll fall in-love at first bite! I usually eat the meat part first and then the skin part last. Just like the saying, “Save the best for last.”

Jollibee ChickenJoy Meal
Jollibee ChickenJoy Meal (Spicy) – Php 89

Apart from their world-famous savoury Jolly Chickenjoy, Jollibee also serves Jolly Yumburger (Hamburger), Jolly Spaghetti (Filipino Sweet-Style Spaghetti), Jolly Burger Steak, and “Palabok” a glass noodles topped with a filipino savoury meaty sauce.

Jolly Spaghetti
Jolly Spaghetti – Php 60
Jolly Burger Steak – Php 60

Dining in Jollibee is not complete without having dessert. As for your sweet tooth, they have Jolly Sundaes and Pies for you to choose from. I prefer having their “Peach Mango Pie” to their Jolly Sundaes though. Peach Mango Pie is a peach and mango puree filled in a deep fried crispy-golden-brown pie crust. Hhhmmm… Its oozing peach mango filling can be messy sometimes but it’s so delightful as you eat. A perfect dessert for me. And just recently, Ube (Purple Yam) Pie is the new additional to their pie lineups aside from the existing Chocomallows and Peach Mango.

Left: Jollibee Peach Mango Pie – 30
Right: Jollibee Ube Pie (Purple Yam Pie) – 30
Jollibee Chocolate Sundae
Jollibee Chocolate Sundae – Php 30
Jollibee Yumburger Meal
Jollibee Yumburger Meal – Php 80
(1 Hamburger, 1 French Fries, 1 Drink)

Most of Jollibee branches all over the country are open 24/7. Thus, Jollibee can satisfy your starving belly even at the very last hour of the night or the very first hour of the day as they too serve breakfast for morning people.

Open 24 Hours
Open 24 Hours
My favorite Jolly Breakfast
My favorite Jolly Breakfast Meal paired with coffee or orange juice!
Longganisa Meal – Php 120 / Corned Beef Meal – Php 120

For Filipinos, Jollibee is not just any typical fast-food restaurant that you go to whenever you are hungry and in a hurry. But for us Filipino it’s a taste of home. It’s an American inspired food with a Filipino home-cooked taste which is loved by many. Jollibee is my kind of “comfort food”. It is a nostalgic place which brings back a bunch of childhood memories. I remember that Jollibee fried chicken and yumburger were always the first food I craved for whenever I return home (the Philippines) from working overseas. They were so comforting and the first bite reminded me of those days when my siblings and I were jumping with so much joy whenever our parents brought home a bucket of these crispylicious and juicylicious fried chicken and other savory treats from Jollibee.

Jollibee around as their second kitchen
Majority of the Filipinos grew up having Jollibee around as their second kitchen. It’s a weekend bonding place for family, a meeting place for working peers, a rendezvous for circle of friends, or even a dating spot. Jollibee is part of Filipinos upbringing. It is not just a typical fast food chain but it is a bridge BEE-tween each and every Filipino.

Jollibee Branches Near Me:

Jolllibee, Mandaue Parkmall
Address: Parkmall, Ouanon Ave. North Reclamation Mandaue City, Cebu
Telephone No.: (032) 520-7604
Business Hours: 6:00 AM to 12:00 MN

Jollibee, Manduae Reclamation
Address: Ouano Ave., North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City
Telephone No.: (032) 346-5463 / 346-5464
Business Hours: Open 24 Hours