Victoria Marie

Japan and Cebu is different in many ways. Japan has four seasons where as Cebu, Philippines is always summer if not, rainy (a tropical country!).
No doubts that Japan is an industrial country while the Philippines is an agricultural and tropical. Cebu is where most Japanese people go due to its world class resorts and beaches and other natural resources.

We differ in many ways, but in behalf of our differences, we are connected with English. Lots of Japanese nationals, and other foreigners whose first language is not English come to Cebu to study English. Thus, people here, foreigners and locals have a common language, ENGLISH.

What is Cebu for you?

Cebu is my second home. Thought I didn’t grew up in this city, we always visited this paradise when I was young. I love the lively atmosphere of Cebu so when I graduated in university, I moved in and started my own life on this island. With its central location, I can easily travel from one place to another. Cebu has diversity of food and culture due to the number of tourists residing and visiting in this town.

What is your favorite resort island? why?

Malapascua Island
My favorite resort island is Malapascua because its very calm and relaxing. you can enjoy beach life and nature away from the tourist crowd. There you can leisurely eat, beach, relax, and repeat.
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What is your favorite tourist spot? why?

Tops Cebu
Figure Photo credit: Google – Tops Cebu patio overlooking the city.

TOPS, no doubt! It’s because I love its observatory. There you can clearly see the entire city of Cebu and even Mactan island. Itsalso more gorgeous at night when all the city lights are being lighted. It is very romantic. Very ideal date spot too.
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What is your favorite mall? why?

Ayala Center Cebu
Figure Photo credit: Ayala Center Cebu Facebook – Outside in the Terraces garden.

Ayala mall that is! Its the mall where you can get almost everything you need from high end to cheap buy. Its my one-stop-shop. lots of food choices and cafe as well.
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– At age 20, I graduated in Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology
Major in Science and Health Education.
Stayed for almost a year in Iligan and work as a home based tutor for elementary students in my neighborhood.


I moved in Cebu City to find a job and live independently. I searched for jobs online and I applied in 5 different ESL Schools. One week later, CDU ESL (previously called API
EDU Inc.) called me for an interview.

In year 2000, ESL schools started to rise in Cebu City. Thus, when I graduated from university, I moved in Cebu to be a part of this growing industry.
In April 2009, I was officially hired in CDU ESL CENTER, formerly known as API EDU Inc.
CDU ESL was my training ground. I was an ESL teacher for 3 month, then became an IELTS teacher and IELTS team leader for 4 months. After that, I was working in the admin office, making student’s and teacher’s schedule, council students and teachers changing classes, and taking part in the school’s educational material building.


– January of this year when my life in CDU ESL ended. The Korean manager and I had a lot of misunderstandings and thus I decided to find better and healthier working environment.

– Nearing the end of January when I was called to manage a home based tutorial school in Banilad, Cebu. I accepted the offer and was working there as a anager/teacher for
more of less 9 months.
Around October in the same year, legal and educational documents of the school was processed and then WELTS was created.
I worked as an Academic In-charge of the school, manage the teachers, students, conduct teachers’ trainings and made the school’s curriculum and educational materials until May 2012.


– For a month I searched for another school to work and found First Wellness Academy, a
Japanese owned ESL school in Capitol, Cebu.
I worked as a full-time ESL teacher in First Wellness Academy until September 2012. I
was working part-time from June until the end of September. Due to the school’s
off-peak season, we got fewer students and so I decided to work part-time only instead.
At the same time, from September 2012, I got another part-time job in an American Online Agent company working as one of the people who searched and introduce jobs to medical graduate students in the United States.


– In the month of January, the Japanese owner of First Wellness Academy introduced me to Japanese Company in Japan and arranged an online interview through Skype.
I was hired right
after the interview and started processing my documents to travel in February 2013.
I was still working in both ESL school and in the American Online Agent Company while I was processing the documents needed. In the month of April, my Japanese Visa was granted and I formally resigned in my jobs.
May 2013, I flew to Japan and started my English teaching career in the land of the rising sun. While I was working there, I learned a lot about Japanese culture, history, life, and see most of Japan.


– The time I ended my 4-year teaching career in Japan and flew back in the Philippines in September.
.Spent time with my family and at the same time I worked as a home based online English teacher for 6 months.


– In March, I accepted the offer of CDU ESL CENTER to work again with them.
At the present, I am the Foreign Affair Staff and at the same time I develop curriculum and teaching materials for the school. Moreover, I managed the newly opened school cafe of CDU ESL CENTER.

What do you think about being an ESL English teacher? What do you think about your co-workers and CDU ESL English teachers?

I love being an ESL English teacher because I can impart my knowledge and facilitate the students in their learning process. In addition, I can learn and share my country’s culture and tradition and vice versa.
My co-workers in CDU ESL believe and trust in my skills, they also help and guide you in your personal and professional growth.
CDU English teachers are well versed and equipped to facilitate the English learning process of the students.

What do you think Cdu student attitude?

Japanese students in general are polite and respectful. On the other hand, Koreans mostly are the ones who disobey school’s rules and regulations. Though not all. All in all, no matter which country they come from, the commaradere of the students is admirable.

What do you think of CDU ESL food and cafeteria?

The school offers free meals inclusive of the students tuition. CDU ESL serves delectable various menu which changes weekly, such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Western, and even Filipino food.

What makes CDU ESL different from another school?

In my opinion, what makes CDU ESL Center stand out from other school is that it’s the only ESL school that is affiliated in a prestigious MEDICAL school in the Philippines. Moreover, this is the only ESL school that caters Medical Courses and Hands-on Medical Internships in hospitals.

What type of student or attitude is easy to improve?

CDU ESL センター

Each student has their own study pace and teaching approach varies to every student as well. As long as the students have the determination, effort, and willpower to learn, nothing is impossible.

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What type of student or attitude is hard to improve?

Well, as what I have mentioned, nothing is impossible.

You lived in the Philippines and Japan. What are the necessities for living in CDU?

For Japanese students who wish to study in CDU ESL Center and worried about life in Cebu, you don’t need to worry much. CDU ESL has in-house Japanese manager and inter-manager to take care of you upon arrival and until departure. Unlike Japan, the Philippines is a tropical country, thus it is mostly hot all throughout the year. Thus I advise that you bring sunblock lotion with enough SPF to avoid sunburn. In addition, mosquitoes and flies are a bit common so please bring insect repellent with you anywhere you go. When you walk around the street, please carry small bag and just enough money with you and always be cautious when you cross the street.

Please tell me how to make friends such as language students, teachers and local people.

Making friends in Cebu or in CDU is not a problem. Filipinos are known to be very friendly and always give their smiles to everyone even to strangers. Thus, making friends is not a problem. Smile is the Filipino language for Hi!.

Can you teach English if I went to CDU?

I am working full-time in the administrative office CDU ESL as the Foreign Affair Staff and doesn’t handle classes anymore. However, if you wish to have my class, I can include you in my private schedule beyond 5 o’clock in the afternoon. I would be very grateful and honored to guide in your English learning process.

Please leave a message for the students coming to CDU ESL Center.

CDU ESL Center assures to provide the ability and confidence you need to face the world in English language. Here, we make IMPOSSIBLE becomes I’M POSSIBLE!