13 recommended restaurants in Cebu who stayed 2 weeks by Japanese


No1 Yolk – Coffee and Breakfast


The food, coffee, sho’s interior, everything is stylish and delicious

First of all, there were security guards when I entered the shop and it was crowded. It was almost full.I saw other customers finished eating and went out, but new customers came in constantly.It seemed to be a very famous shop. I ordered an open-faced sandwich which is an egg, ham on top of the toast and a salad on the side.
When breaking the egg, the yolk blended into the bread beautifully and became mild. Overall and it was very tasty.Cream was on top of my friend ‘s toast, and that looked very delicious.Hot coffee was also beautifully decorated.
The shop was very crowded mostly and was fashionably designed thats why it is famous.

Expect to wait some time to be seated and for your order to be serve as this shop is really busy.
I am satisfied not only on the appearance but also on the taste.
There is a big crowd of foreign costumer aside from the locals.

80 Tres Borces Street, Mabolo, Cebu City

Telephone number
+632 2310411
Price range
about 650 PHP a per person
Home page

No2 Isla Sugbu Seafood City


You can select the raw ingredients right before it is cooked according to your preference.

Firstly, you have to select your main ingredients at a buffet style.
This restaurant has fresh seafood, BBQ, vegetables and mango. Staff will help you choosing.
The restaurant chef will then cook your food according to your preference. You can also see how they cook your fish in the kitchen.
If you had leftovers, you have to pay additional fee so I think you should choose a little at first and after you choose another food again.
This restaurant type is unlimited food, but Tiger Lobster is very expensive with extra charge of 6000 PHP per kilo.
If you had much money, please eat it. Even with the buffet menu alone, it was delicious enough to enjoy it.

This restaurant is buffet style so you can eat as long as you have plenty of space in your stomach.
It serves dishes coording to your favorite cooking method.
Tiger lobster is so expensive as it cost 6000 PHP per kilo.

Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu City, Cebu

Telephone number
+63 32 260 8000
Price range
Buffet style 695 PHP a per person
Home page

No3 Pacific Cebu Resort


You can enjoy lunch leisurely while enjoying beautiful beach resort

This is a hotel beach resort, however, you can enjoy this resort in a Day-Use too.
Enjoy lunch buffet, the beach and amazing pool in the day-trip plan (1000 PHP).
During lunch time,you can eat various menu. For example, you can enjoy steaks, fried chicken, pizza, pineapple, salami and stuff like that.
It is a great scenery with beautiful palm trees. You can enjoy walking the wide sand and long shore line as the beach gets far during lowtide.
The color of the sea surface is emerald green and it is very beautiful and you can see a lot of small fish.

There are abundant menu in the buffet.
Casual resort area located in south of the Maribago, Mactan.
The color of the sea, the palm trees, all sights are beautiful.

Suba-basbas, Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan, Cebu, Zip 6015

Telephone number
+63 32 495 6601
Price range
1000 PHP a per person(Day trip resort plan)
Home page

No4 Co Jordan Fishing Area


You can relax and enjoy seafood dishes while fishing

You can enjoy fishing in Co Jordan fishing area and ask the staffs to cook and serve your freshly caught fish.You can borrow cheap fishing rods and feed. Even a beginner can fish easily in this area. They have Karaoke so you can enjoy singing in nature.
This place have BBQ too, but I ordered the seafood menu mainly. We ate scallops and oysters and ate soup of shellfish.After eating, we enjoyed eating fruits such as bananas and drinking beer.
This is located in a makeshift wooden floating houses and has a very good atmosphere. I enjoyed fishing and watching the scenery after eating.

The makeshift floating wooden houses and the tables create a very good atmosphere.
It is easy to order additional because the staff will always walk around.
You can enjoy the scenery very well until sunset.

6001 Consolacion, Cebu Sitio Sun-ok, Tayud, Consolacion

Telephone number
+63 32 266 3139
Price range
about 600 PHP a per person
Home page

No5 Top of Cebu Restaurant


Enjoy the view of Cebu City while having a meal.

Tops is a very famous place to see the whole Cebu City. You can have a meal while watching very beautiful place.
I ate steak, fried squids, potatoes and salads.The steak was very heavy and the sauce was very tasty.
The scenery and the air were also very clear, so it felt very fresh.
From Cebu city to Tops, if we hired taxi we need more time because the road is very congested so we hired big bike.
On the observatory, we enjoyed good experience at the tops with glittering sights and a mysterious cave.

The luxurious meal while watching the very beautiful night view of the city.
Tops’s air is very clear and makes me feel refresh.
You can see the center of Cebu City until the end of Mactan Island.

Cebu Transcentral Highway, Busay, Cebu City

Telephone number
+63 9432525244
Price range
about 1600 PHP a per person
Home page

No6 The Crazy Crab


This restaurant provides cheap and abundant lively crabs

Crazy Crab restaurant is located on the 1st floor of Gaisano Country Mall.
The crab’s shell is decorated all over the wall and is a very unique shop. Name and some messages were written on the back shell of the crab.
Firstly, the staff bring crabs in a bucket, so you can know how much you can eat to a certain extent. If you have appetite or have confidence to eat, you should order 2 or 3 crabs.
There are so many flavors and spicies that you can eat according to your taste. Other than crab, various dishes are displayed on their menu. Thai pineapple fried rice, were also very tasty.

You can choose a lot of taste (spiciness and flavor)
Crab shell is stuck all over the wall and it is very unique.
You can choose live crabs in a bucket before eating

Gaisano Country Mall, Gov. M. Cuenco Ave, Apas, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Telephone number
+63 32 416 2344
Price range
about 200 PHP a per person
Home page

No7 Casa Verde


A thick and juicy steak in a cozy atmosphere restaurant

This steak shop located inside the Ayala Mall.For popularity or lots of people were queuing, I wrote name to wait for the turn bord, I saw the mall and sat on the chair in front of the store and waited in order.
The steak was very thick and there was enough amount.It was very juicy and sauce was also good fragrant and well much with rice and potatoes.Side menu of potatoes, it was also delicious.
The fried shrimp was freshly fried and crispy.Inside of shop’s atmosphere was very cozy atmosphere because tables arranged well and mood as well.

There is a chewy response and the sauce matches very well.
There are satisfying feeling because there are enough thickness.
The side dish shrimp is also crispy.

Third Floor, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

Telephone number
+632 2338885
Price range
about 1100 PHP a per person
Home page

No8 The Original Conching’s Native Chicken


Choose any of their fresh seafoods and enjoy eaiting them according to your preference in a cozy place

They are famous for chicken but for me Cebu seafood dishes stands out more.
There are lots of fish, oysters, BBQ etc displayed outside the store and you can choose ingredient and ask them to be cooked.
I had cheese in my oysters and some were cooked in butter. I also ate fried shrimp and baked tuna.These meal are very fresh so I could eat continuously.
They have a very spacious and comfortable plce so I felt awesome and relaxed. Besides, I ordered a lot of squid so I was able to enjoy Cebu’s seafood cuisine.

You can eat seafoods that are Cebu’s specialty in a spacious shop.
Salt-grilling of tuna was very thick and chewy.
We choose seafood and can ask the staff according to your preference.

City Time Square, Mantawe Avenue, Tipolo, Mandaue City

Telephone number
+63 9952922764
Price range
about 550 PHP a per person
Home page



Cebu’s distinctive BBQ can be eaten cheaply and abundantly

It is original Barbecue shop in the Philippines. There are shops beside the street but we went this shop during lunch time so it was crowded with customers. There are BBQ and seafood dishes at the counter, pick them and ask the shop to bake them.
The food was grilled near the counter and the smell was so inviting and made me more hungry. Also expect that the place will be smokey.
This time we ate oysters, squid, chicken BBQ and grilled fish.I chose hot flavor sauce and ate them.
The fish was very big and the seasoning of the natural salt was very tasty. This time there were three of us but we were able to eat enough and it was very cheap.

It provides fresh seafoods.
You can experience the local atmosphere of Cebu in a very lively place.
The amount of oysters is high and the size of the fish is very large.

M. J. Cuenco Street Corner Legaspi Extension, San Roque, Cebu City

Price range
about 350 PHP a per person

No10 Sushi Boy

Sushi Boy

Full-fledged sushi can be eaten even in Cebu

In Cebu, many Japanese restaurants and other Japanese manufacturers of clothes and cars are imported.
If you are Japanese and staying in Cebu for a long time, I think you will crave for some Japanese food sometimes.
Sushi Boy serves sushi and sashimi using local fresh fish. I could eat delicious sushi in Sushi Boy. They taste like the real Japanese Sushi.
Wasabi and soy sauce were also served which improved more the taste of sushi. They also have other Japanese food in the menu such as pork cutlet and Udon.
There were also Japanese people and many local people in the store. I realize that sushi has penetrated even in Cebu.

Besides sushi, they served sliced sashimi too.
A shop that serves Japanese food well.
Other Japanese food such as pork cutlet and udon are abundant.

Ouano Ave 6014 Mantawe

Telephone number
+63 32 513 5694
Price range
about 500 PHP a per person
Home page

No11 Yoshinoya


You can eat Yoshinoya even in Cebu

I found Yoshinoya in Cebu. I decided to enter in Yoshinoya because I was interested. Yoshinoya is famous Japanese beef bowl restaurant.
I ordered tea and normal size of beef bowls. When I drank it with ordinary Japanese green tea sensation I felt a sense of incompatibility with considerable sweetness.
The taste of beef bowl was delicious just like a real Japanese beef bowl. Seven flavor chili pepper and ginger came in the same way as in Japan, but this is eaten using spoon and fork instead of chopsticks.
In addition to the beef bowl, shrimp tempura bowl and ramen are also on available and there was also BENTO (lunch box) menu.
There was a Japanese landscape decoration in the shop. Among them, it was fun to be mixed with “”Free information desk””. Also Japanese cabaret and other information like that are found in the information desk.

There are menus other than beef bowls.
Beef bowl is as good as Japanese beef bowl and is delicious.
Cebu’s Yoshinoya aloso same orange color and there are signs of Japanese Streets.


297 Don Gil Garcia St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Price range
normal size about 110 PHP

No12 DAEGA Unlimited Samgyupsal with 20 unlimited side dishes


Enjoy your Unlimited Korean Samgyeopsal at 299 pesos

In June, 2018 it was not an all-you-can-eat shop, it was an ordinary Korean restaurant. The picture is at that time.
I ate Tizimi, spicy squid, potsticker, meat potatoes etc. Like Japanese food, Cebu has so many Korean food stores as well.
Currently the shop is renovated and serves only an all-you-can-eat-Samgyeopsal and 20 types of side menu at 299 peso.

Samgyeopsal and 20 different side menus are all you can eat.
In the past, it was a Korean home cook shop.
There were lots of Korean-style kimchi and spicy menu.

6014 Mantawe city time square mandaue city

Telephone number
+63 917 257 8000
Price range
unlimited 299 PHP a per person
Home page

No13 Pizzahut


Enjoy pizza at your pace in Cebu’s Pizza Hut Store

Speaking of Pizza Hut in Japan, we think only with delivery, but in Cebu you can eat pizza, chicken and salad etc inside the shop.
At this time I had salad spring roll. Spaghetti and desserts can also be eaten. Beer was also sold and I was able to drink San Miguel beer.
You can eat and enjoy pizza cheaper than Japan considering delivery fee and local prices. You can eat in their outside terrace too.
The location is on 1F of Park Mall and very near to a shopping mall. There was Kentucky Fried Chicken next to it too.

You can eat chicken and spaghetti aside from pizza.
Beer is also sold and you can drink while eating in the shop.
It is very warm and tasty because it is served freshly baked.

Ouano Avenue, Mandaue Reclamation Area, Mandaue City 6014

Telephone number
+63 32 345 5153
Price range
about 500 PHP a per person
Home page