Top 10 Cebu Falls You Should Chase

Top 10 Cebu Falls

No. 1 – Kawasan Falls (Badian)

Kawasan Falls

Most preferred canyoneering site

If you are an adrenaline junkie with a constant thirst for mind-numbing and exhilarating outdoor adventures, then you should stop by Kawasan Falls Badian, a municipality south of Cebu. This falls has got to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country as it is the main site for canyoneering. For the more subtle waterfalls experience, you can enjoy a raft ride that will take you through the cascades, swim in one of the three tiers, or enjoy a good meal at their picnic areas.

  • Pros:Adventure packed activities
  • Cons:Can get particularly crowded during the summer, holidays and weekends
  • Fees:PhP 45 per head for the entrance fee
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Getting There

From Cebu’s South Bus Terminal, take a Badian or Barili bound bus and tell the driver to drop you off at Kawasan’s Falls. You may take a motorcycle for hire from there to the entrance and parking area of the falls. From there, you’ll need to hike for ~1.5 kilometers to get to the first tier.

No. 2 – Aguinid Falls (Samboan)

Aguinid Falls

A picturesque destination for trekking and canyoneering

Aguinid Falls is a multi-tiered trove of pristine cascading waters offering a sweet spot for the adventurous spirits. Although it lags behind Kawasan Falls in terms of popularity for the canyoneering experience, this is a destination that will give you the thrill you are chasing for. One elemental feature that makes Aguinid falls appealing to outdoor aficionados is the trek to get to the falls. You will need to trek through the streaming waters and pass through bamboo bridges and climb up tight ropes to get to upstream to the next tier. If that doesn’t give you an adrenaline rush, I don’t know what will. You can then enjoy a cool and refreshing dip through the cascades and swim the waters of its plunge pool.

  • Pros:Five tiers of accessible and breathtaking waterfalls
  • Cons:Mandatory tour guide can take some of the thrill away
  • Fees:Php30 per head for the entrance fee; PhP100 for a tour guide (mandatory)

Getting There

From Cebu’s South Bus Terminal, hop on a Barili-bound bus and tell the driver to drop you off at Aguinid Falls in Tangbo, Samboan. Upon arrival at the jump-off point, take a 10-15 minute hike to the entrance, follow signages or ask locals for directions.

No. 3 – Inambakan and Kampael Falls (Ginatilan)

Mighty yet scenic waterfalls in the heart of Ginatilan

Inambakan is a multi-tiered waterfalls that stands at 100 feet and boasts of an 8 foot deep catch basin in the main falls. If that isn’t enough, the foliage that envelopes its retreats adds to its picturesque and serene charm. If you are one of the bold and the brave, you can scale up the steps half-way through the face of the main falls and take a gut-wrenching ~40 foot dive. You can also do a bit of spelunking in the cave behind the cascades of the main falls.
Kampael Falls

Photo Credit:SUGBU.PH

Once you’ve had your fill of Inambakan Falls, you can take an arduous 10 minute uphill trek on a steep trail towards Kampael Falls. This is a more laid-back falls that is perfect for an amazing photos and a refreshing swim.

  • Pros:Majestic waterfalls for the thrill seeker
  • Cons:The upper tiers of Inambakan falls are a tad bit subdued
  • Fees:PhP 40 per head for the entrance fee
  • Reference:Ultimate Guide to Inambakan Falls

Getting There

Take a bus bound for Bato via Barili in the South Bus Terminal. Tell the driver to drop you off at Ginatilan and ride a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) going to Kampael Falls.

No. 4 – Dao Falls (Samboan)

Offbeat and magnificent cascades in sunny Samboan


Dao falls has got to be one of the most underrated waterfalls in Cebu. Its splendor boasts of tall and mighty cascades that drop into a catch basin of azure blue waters. Swimming in the falls’ pool is just half of the adventure! You will need to stretch those muscles and take a 30-45 minute hike on an onerous trail that includes navigating through waist-deep waters. The rocks on the trail can be slippery and unstable so it is not advisable for trekking neophytes to tread through it without an experienced guide. The scenery while you hike is not without its perks. You will find yourself in a blanket of lush green trees and leaves while you walk through magnificent boulders and canyons. Although the trek to get to the falls is long and tedious, you will be immediately gratified once you catch sight of Dao Waterfalls.

Getting There

Take a bus bound for Bato via Barili in the South Bus Terminal. Tell the driver to drop you off at Dao falls jump-off at Samboan and ride a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) from there.

No. 5 – Tumalog Falls (Oslob)

Majestic Curtain Falls

Tumalog Falls
Fading Waterfalls of Tumalog

Right before the famous Tan-awan Oslob for the Whale Shark watching, the bus or car you are taking will surely pass the uphill road heading to the beautiful Tumalog Falls. This falls has made its breakthrough when someone posted online regarding this vast curtain of waterfalls with a turquoise pool as its catch basin. The fine water droppings that curtains the wide wall made of rocks that covered with green moss is a sight to behold. Lots of local and foreign tourists visit here just to be awe with this magnificent waterfall. However, these days the government of Oslob is using the water source of Tumalog falls to supply the water system of the entire municipality of the town. Thus, if you visit the waterfalls today, its curtains of flowing water is depleting. I hope the government makes an action to preserve this beauty of nature.

  • Pros:Majestic waterfalls for the thrill seeker
  • Cons:Road leading to the waterfall is a bit difficult to traverse
  • Fees:PhP 25 per head for the entrance fee

Getting There

Take a bus bound for Bato, Oslob in the South Bus Terminal. Tell the driver to drop you off at MB Sunrise View Resort and look for the signboard for Tumalog Falls. Ride a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) going to Tumalog Falls jump off and you can either hike to the falls or take another habal-habal.

No. 6 – Binalayan Hidden Falls (Samboan)

Hidden but not hidden waterfall

Binalayan Hidden Falls
Photo Credit:Cebu City Tour

Another beautiful gem of Samboan is the majestic Binalayan Hidden Falls and is called the “Triple Drop Falls” by the local. This waterfall is roughly 60 feet tall with 3 layers thus where the name comes from. Although it has “hidden” on its name, this beautiful falls is not hidden at all. There are clear signage beside the road that will lead you to the destination in no sweat. This amazing place is a popular spot for waterfall jumping. Thus, most of the waterfall’s visitors are mainly coming down to trying out jumping from each edge of the three-tiered waterfalls. Just be mindful to every jump you take as some falls has shallow catch basin.

  • Pros:Secluded beautiful waterfalls that is easy to find
  • Cons:Some waterfall tiers are a bit small and swallow
  • Fees:PhP 40 per head for the entrance fee

Getting There

From Cebu South Bus Terminal, take any bus bound for Samboan. When you arrive in the town of Poblacion, Samboan, ride halal-halal heading to Binalayan Hidden Falls.

No. 7 – Cambais Falls (Alegria)

Enchanting natural beauty of Alegria

This waterfalls is an hour away from the famous Sardine Run of Moalboal and 30 minutes away from Kawasan Falls. It’s another side trip to make when you are in this area of southern Cebu. Cambais waterfalls has three serene levels that are perfect for swimming and as well as for cliff jumping. There are slots for 6 feet jump, 8 feet, and a good 10 feet jump to the blue pool. Thus, if you are looking for a relaxing and adventurous one-day getaway then this place is perfect for you. The trek heading to this wonderful waterfalls is not that strenuous and doable even with slippers on your feet. From the Cambais Falls point of entry, you will arrive in the first level in less than 20 minutes.

  • Pros:Perfect waterfalls for activity lover
  • Cons:Due to its size, it gets crowded easily
  • Fees:PhP 50 per head for the entrance fee

Getting There

Take any bus heading to Alegria from Cebu South Bus Terminal and hail habal-habal to the Cambais Falls when you get to the town of Alegria. The path gets rough and rocky when you are almost near so prepare yourself for the ride. Once you get to the entrance, the falls is just a couple of minutes away.

No. 8 – Bugasok Falls (Argao)

A falls that is worth every step you take

Bugasok Falls is a perfect destination for camping, trekking, and just to spend a day with nature. This waterfall in the jungle of Argao remained unknown for a long while but since its water is very enticing, more and more tourists are drawn down the area of southern Cebu. Due to the falls seclusion, a scheduled tour is advisable. You can communicate with Argao town government to set your appointment a day or days before your waterfall visit. Always come prepared and excited. Bugasok falls is a destination for people who are looking for a short escapade from the hustle and bustle of metro Cebu.

  • Pros:A pure bliss of nature in the middle of the wild
  • Cons:The trek towards the falls is a bit difficult to traverse
  • Fees:PhP 40 per head for the entrance fee

Getting There

Argao is reachable by any buses heading Bato-Oslob via Lilo-an Port from Cebu South Bus Terminal. Don’t forget to inform your driver to pull over at Argao Bus Stop for you.

No. 9 – Mantayupan Falls (Barili)

The Incredibly tall waterfall of Barili

This photo of Mantayupan Falls is courtesy of TripAdvisor
One of the tallest waterfalls in Cebu is lying in the small town of Barili, the Mantayupan Falls. It is a two-level waterfall consisting of one 14 meter and the other cascading water is in 98 meter high. Unlike the other waterfalls mentioned in this article, the trek towards the Majestic Mantayupan falls is by far the easiest. Barili is more or less a two-hour bus ride from Cebu City. Once you get in the town of Barili, you can hail a habal-habal to drop you off Mantayupan falls. From the entrance, the first falls is just a minute away and the tallest one is a 5 minute walk from the first level. Due to its popularity, the local government develop the area for the visitor’s convenience.

  • Pros:Easy and convenient waterfall
  • Cons:Can get really crowded during the weekend.
  • Fees:PhP 20 per head for the entrance fee

Getting There

Take a bus bound for Barili from the Cebu South Bus Terminal and inform the bus staff or the bus driver to drop you off at Shamrock Barili. Once you get there, there are lots of friendly habal-habal drivers that can take you to the Mantayupan Falls entrance.

No. 10 – Kabutungan Falls (Malabuyoc)

Perfect place to unwind and connect with nature

Southern part of Cebu is blessed with numerous waterfalls and one is nesting in the middle of the forest of Looc district, Malabuyoc, Cebu. The waterfalls was discovered and managed by Mr Manuel Mascardo and his family back then. As of the present, they already have set a small resort surrounding the majestic waterfall. The trial towards the waterfalls requires you to cross the river, be wet and swim, and even using ropes just to assist you in getting to the top. The trail is indeed an adventure itself, but once you set glance on Kabutungan waterfalls, all those body pain and heartaches will soothe those strain muscles you have.

  • Pros:Enchanting and secluded waterfall
  • Cons:Getting to the falls need skills.
  • Fees:PhP 10 per head for the entrance fee

Getting There

From South Cebu Bus Terminal, take a bus heading to Malabuyoc and took off at Malabuyoc Church. From there, you can take habal-habal and go to the waterfalls for only 20 peso.