Top 10 Malls in Cebu City


No. 1 – Ayala Center Cebu

Ayala Center Cebu might be the new Center of Cebu!

Ayala Center Cebu
Figure 1 Photo credit: Ayala Center Cebu Facebook – Outside in the Terraces garden.

Ayala Center is the premiere mall in Cebu and has been for quite some time. Not only does it cater to the more higher-end class, but they also have the best location out of all the other malls to visit. Cebu City center is one direction, while the roads to Mandaue, SM Cebu and Banilad all branch off from Ayala’s location. With the addition of the Terraces, the New Wing and the outdoor roof deck patio, Ayala has expanded in size to provide the most all-encompassing shopping experience. Besides having its own fine dining options, multiple top-ranked restaurants in Cebu are strategically minutes away from Ayala. It’s by far, the most popular mall for all tourists who visit Cebu, no matter where you’re from.

  • Pros:High-end quality, varied range of options.
  • Cons:Can get busy and crowded, especially during events and holidays.
  • Price Range:$$ to $$$
  • Phone:+63 32 888-3808
  • Address:Cebu Business Park, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City 6000, Metro Cebu

No. 2 – JCenter Mall

Everything you need, and more, in just one mall!

JCenter Mall
Figure 2 Photo credit: Facebook – Night time shot of the main entrance to JCenter Mall

JCenter Mall is connected to Tokyo Inn and has its own self-contained ecosystem of entertainment. The variety of food choices never disappoints, to include the sky-colored ceiling of the food court area – great for Instagram. Sporting a major fitness chain in Gold’s Gym, full cinemas along with anything and everything you need, JCenter is the definition of a one-stop-shop location. One thing to note is that JCenter is home to the Philippine Immigration office, so if you’re planning on staying longer than your visa allows, then you’ll need to familiarize yourself with JCenter even more. Depending on how long you stay, maybe you’ll be here a lot!

  • Pros:Great food options only in JCenter, while hosting Phil. Immigration office.
  • Cons:Parking is limited, especially when busy and traffic can get bad nearby.
  • Price Range:$ to $$
  • Website:
  • Phone:+63 32 266 8888
  • Address:165 A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines, 6014

No. 3 – Robinson’s Galleria Cebu

Fewer crowds, less hassle but the same high-end experience.

Robinson’s Galleria Cebu
Figure 3 Photo credit: USA – Indoor design in the main floor of Robinson’s Galleria Cebu.

Robinson’s Galleria is known to be one of the more upscale malls to visit in Cebu while being only minutes away from Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu. Robinson’s Galleria is very pet friendly as they’ve showcased many pet shows on the main floor area. For now, Galleria doesn’t have so many things you can’t get in other places, so the appeal is that there are just fewer people that go here. Parking is plenty and food choices are all great. One thing that they have, which nobody else has in Cebu, is their version of Singapore’s Art Science Museum’s projector-based interactive light show. You can find it in the Basement level at PlayLab – where children and adults can easily have the same amount of fun together. You must check it out!

  • Pros:Upscale shopping experience with fewer crowds.
  • Cons:Sometimes the crowds are so small, it’s a bit boring.
  • Price Range:$$
  • Phone:+63 32 231 5030
  • Address:General Maxilom Avenue corner Sergio Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City 6000

No. 4 – SM Seaside Cebu

Modern shopping, architecture, and design in one entertaining visit.

SM Seaside Cebu
Figure 4 Photo credit: Google – Timelapse at night outside SM Seaside’s main outdoor entrance.

SM Seaside is easily the largest mall in Cebu! The interior loops around and around from the 2nd level all to way to the roof deck. Like SM City, Seaside caters to multiple customer bases. From high-end clothes and jewelry to niche outdoor product and everything in between, Seaside is an enjoyable stop for those who like walking around nice malls. They have a park on the roof deck with wonderfully designed food vendor spaces, a very popular ice-skating rink, and the only real Director’s Club theater experience. Each movie-goer gets butler level service in a full-sized lazy boy recliner while enjoying your favorite Hollywood blockbusters in a private screening room. The dining choices are top notch and parking is plenty, so a whole day spent here isn’t wasted.

  • Pros:Amazing design and shopping choices with plenty of parking
  • Cons:A bit far and can get loud and crowded during events
  • Price Range:$ to $$
  • Phone:+63 32 340 8735
  • Address:Seaside City, South Road Properties

No. 5 – SM City Cebu

Cebu’s busiest mall with something for everyone.

SM City Cebu
Figure 5 Photo credit: Google – Nice night landscape with great lighting

SM City Cebu was once the main mall for the entire Cebu metro area. However, they’ve had to rebuild and innovate to keep the crowds coming. With SM department store and grocery taking up the highest space occupancy, the inside square footage of this mall has always been impressive to first-timers, making it easy to get lost. With the addition of the New Wing boasting higher-end brands and their IMAX theater, SM City has shifted to go after more of the market share. You can easily go from a cheap plate in the food court to trying on the next A|X seasonal outfit. Great finds from all industries rent out space here so the best thing to do is visit their website to see if any of their stores pique your interest.

No. 6 – Parkmall

The pet-friendly outdoor shopping experience.

Figure 6 Photo credit: Facebook – Outdoor design with a very nice garden.

Parkmall is mostly known for its pet-friendly atmosphere. If your pet has papers, you can bring them into the mall to walk around with you while you shop. Aside from that, they have one of the biggest selections of restaurant options around their whole complex. From fast food to local specialties, Parkmall caters to a variety of customers’ needs. They even have a small Japanese store which is very popular with residents for finding niche items that no other stores have.

  • Pros:Great to walk around with plenty of options and pet-friendly.
  • Cons:Can get crowded and parking can be difficult during those times.
  • Price Range:$ to $$
  • Website:
  • Phone:+63 32 344-7817 / 345-5153
  • Address:Parkmall Drive and Ouano Avenue, Mandaue Reclamation Area

No. 7 – Raintree Mall

A myriad of shopping options with fun architecture close to the heart of the City

Raintree Mall
Figure 7 Photo credit: Google – Outdoor entrance from Gen. Maxilom St.

Raintree Mall is a partly covered, partly al fresco shopping center also near Fuente Circle in the middle of the City. From electronics to food to fitness, Raintree has a lot of options only located in their spaces. Turnover on business usually occur in the 1 to 2-year marks, but some have shown signs of staying for the long term, including YogaHub Cebu’s 2nd location. Because businesses can close at any time, it’s best to visit and just see what’s there if you’re in the area. Parking is shared with the Velez College parking lot with parking vouchers from most of the establishments.

  • Pros:Affordable prices, nice walk, near Cebu City central area.
  • Cons:Not a lot of options for shopping with limited parking.
  • Price Range:$ to $$
  • Phone:+63 32 412 0545
  • Address:F. Ramos Street Corner Gen. Maxilom Avenue

No. 8 – Banilad Town Center

The everyday mall for local socialites with very posh occupants.

Banilad Town Center
Figure 8 Photo credit: Facebook – Outdoor façade and parking of BTC

Banilad Town Centre (BTC), tends to draw the more discerning crowd. Purposefully, they rented out the spaces to businesses with higher-end customers, including their grocery store. Host to some of the most popular fitness brands in Cebu to include Zink, Ala Boxing Gym and the main YogaHub Cebu. Ampersand is one of the more popular bar options in the city, as they showcase why the craft cocktail experience is trending. Some other notable food options at BTC are Pueblo Mexicano, Fat Cow Burgers, and Max’s Restaurant – specializing in delicious, fried chicken.

  • Pros:High-end options with fewer crowds during the day.
  • Cons:Limited parking and weekend night can get crowded with the bars.
  • Price Range:$$ to $$$
  • Phone:+63 32 345 3260
  • Address:Gov. M. Cuenco Ave., Banilad Town Center (BTC) Cebu City 6000

No. 9 – JY Square

Small mall claiming its own space in a small corner of Cebu City.

JY Square
Figure 9 Photo credit: Facebook – night view of JY Square and JY Tower.

JY Square is small but has a lot to offer for the small space. Conveniently, they are located near call center agencies, Japanese schools and Japanese dormitories. It’s also home to the award-winning Ikkousha Ramen, known to be one of the best ramen places in Cebu. JY Square is in its own part of town far from other malls and offers its own variety of food choices, salons and pet stores. Outside parking is scarce, but there is basement parking available. We’ve always been able to find parking when visiting JY Square.

  • Pros:Convenient for that part of the city with plenty of parking.
  • Cons:They only have a little bit of everything, not so many options.
  • Price Range:$ to $$
  • Phone:+63 32 232 7235
  • Address:JY Square, Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City 6000

No. 10 – Gaisano Country Mall

Make a visit to Country Mall worthwhile by going at lean hours.

Gaisano Country Mall
Figure 10 Photo credit: Google – Outside look from the overpass.

Gaisano Country Mall caters to the lower-budget market. They have the standard food, clothing, department store, and specialty vendor spaces. Known mostly as an option to get a quality tailored outfit at an affordable price (2nd floor) and a place to hoard up on cheap gifts to bring back home, Country Mall’s location makes it a convenient stop. However, because of that, it also makes this area one of the worst places for traffic during morning and evening rush hours. We highly recommend if you want to you stock up on take-home gifts, to do it at non-peak times.

  • Pros:Great deals and affordable prices
  • Cons:Traffic at morning and evening rush hours
  • Price Range:$
  • Website:
  • Phone:+63 32 231 1481
  • Address:Gaisano Country Mall, Camp Lapu-Lapu Rd, Cebu City 6000