Top 10 Resort Islands in Cebu


No. 1 – Nalusuan Island

A perfect place near Cebu where you still enjoy nature to the fullest.

Nalusuan Island

Not only is the island close to Cebu, but also the marine life is incredible. Known mostly for being a Marine Sanctuary (the main reason for visitors), Nalusuan Island has the perfect combination you need to get peace and quiet while unwinding. You can stay at the resort on the island or you can make it a stop on a daily island-hopping tour around Mactan.

No. 2 – Mactan Island

The resort island with more than you could possibly need!

Mactan Island
Photo credit: Google CebuFest – Resort beach and activities.

Home to newly opened international terminal at Mactan International Airport, this island is the reason why many people (local and foreign) vacation away from their daily lives. Boasting an endless list of hotel resorts and their respective restaurants, bars, spas, and other amenities, Mactan has something to offer all tourists. See link below.

No. 3 – Bantayan Island

A complete escape from the rest of the world.

Bantayan Island
Photo credit: Wikipedia – White sand beaches of Bantayan Island.

Bantayan Island is the very definition of Island Life! Home to white sand beaches and comfortable resorts with great food and nightlife, the only question would be, “Is it worth the trouble to go?” Kota Beach in Santa Fe is where most tourists hang out and enjoy the long string of white sand beaches. The food choices are plenty, especially in MJ Square, but we suggest trying out some Mexican fusion from the Bantayan Burrito Company to enhance the complete island experience.

No. 4 – Malapascua Island

World-renowned for its amazing diving!

Malapascua Island
Photo credit: Wikipedia – Thresher shark swimming in open water.

Malapascua is one of the hardest islands to visit, but if your goal is to live disconnected and in touch with nature, you won’t be disappointed! Most famous for its world-class diving spots, this island has everything you need: beaches, snorkeling, diving and more. Once there, just leave the world behind and take in everything nature has to offer.

No. 5 – Carnaza Island

A remote gem representing the beauty of Philippine islands.

Carnaza Island
Photo credit: Dave Dequito Cebu Republic – Aerial shot of beach in Carnaza.

Carnaza Island packs a punch! For its small size and remoteness, this island has much to offer in way of nature and relaxation. With limited minimalist lodging, make sure to pack light and don’t forget your cameras (and drones if you have them)! This island is hard to reach but it’s one you must visit – the hassle to get there is worth it.

  • Pros:So much nature on one tiny island, plenty of photo opportunities.
  • Cons:Very remote and minimalist accommodations. Bring everything you need.
  • Price Range:$ to $$$
  • References:

No. 6 – Sumilon Island

Swim with the sharks and rest on the beach in one day!

Sumilon Island
Photo credit: Wikipedia – Whale sharks at feeding time.

Swimming with the Whale Sharks is the biggest attraction on the way to Sumilon Island. Once you’ve finished swimming with these gentle giants, the boat ride to Sumilon is fast. You can enjoy snorkeling with great underwater scenery, and tan on several white sand strips of beach. There are resorts, but most would choose to stay at White Sands.

No. 7 – Camotes

Easiest boat ride from Cebu!

Photo credit: Facebook Cebu Republic – Drone view of a resort and beach.

From Cebu City, it’s not hard to reach this wonderful island since there are boats coming and going from the port all day. Santiago Beach has a huge stretch of white sand that is big enough for any group to enjoy. While also home to caves, lagoons, and cliff jumping, Camotes Island has some of the most relaxing resorts accessible from Cebu. Be advised that there is only one ATM on the island so bring lots of cash.

No. 8 – Olango Island (Group)

Another scenic wildlife adventure near Mactan.

Olango Island (Group)
Photo credit: Google Olango Paradise Island Resort – White sand beach.

The Olango Island Group, with the main island of Olango is a large wildlife sanctuary. Not only does it have marine life, but it’s well-known for the migratory birds that make it a temporary home part of the year. It gets pricey if you stay on the resort, so the best option is to stop by on an island-hopping tour and bring your own food. Just visit for the wildlife and the picture-taking opportunities.

No. 9 – Badian Island

Getaway island resort far from others.

Badian Island
Photo credit: Wikipedia – Resort balcony overlooking the water.

Mostly attracting couples, this getaway island is perfect for those who want privacy and personalized service at the same time. From spas to massages and private meals, this is the perfect island to visit when you need to hit the reset button on life! Best enjoyed as a couple or with other couples. Kids may go but there are better places to take the whole family.

  • Pros:Quiet and private with not many people and nice accommodations.
  • Cons:Takes a long time to get to, sometimes service and food isn’t good.
  • Price Range:$$
  • References:

No. 10 – Kinatarkan Island

Cebuano’s Next Summer Destination


Kinatarkan Island (Guintacan) is also known as “The Forgotten Island” due to its lack of beach goers and other tourist alike. However, this Island also offers a Boracay-like experience such as wide stretch of white sand beaches, ideal sunrise and sunset, irresistible blue water cove and lagoon, cliff diving, and viewdeck that lets you be in awe with the vast blue ocean and the nearby islets on sight. This will surely be the next “To Go Island” in the near future as the municipality of Sta Fe is paying more attention to boost this island’s tourist.