Top 5 Boutique Hotels in Cebu


Boutique hotels are accommodations that typically have a stylish/unique design and is located in a fashionable district. There are definitive characteristics of a boutique hotel, which basically includes their size, typically over 10 but less than 100 rooms. Another attribute of boutique hotels would be the concept and design of their rooms and interiors that usually correlates to and draws inspiration from culture, art or history. The uncommon vibe and aura that is present in these properties makes them unconventional but sought after by a niche type and classification of guests. Boutique hotels gives you that one of a kind experience that sets them apart to the quintessential hotel types, with either their eccentric and chic personality or unique gastronomic and dining options. Cebu features a few boutique hotels that appeals to younger guests and those that have a flair of unique elegance and style. What they offer are accommodations that are not overly-priced and allows the guests to have that truly individualized experience. Many of the bloggers and influencers in the city feature boutique hotels as these accommodation types have a very special offbeat alternative that give good write up and conversation points. While uniqueness and individuality are major characteristics that make boutique hotels stand out, they still have give their guests quality and comfort. If you want to adopt a sense of adventure, veer away from your routine selection of hotel accommodation types and try something different, staying at a boutique hotel is highly recommended.

Like any other hotel classifications, choosing to stay at a boutique hotel will follow basic rules about booking and preparations. You may still book them the same way you would a mainstream hotel – you can accomplish this online or via a booking agency. Although these properties would carry the basic amenities that a conventional hotel does, it would also be beneficial to scout the properties before booking and reservation so you’ll get a better sense of what the hotel offers when it comes to the bare necessities that you will be needing during your stay. Apart from that, reading about the properties will also give you an idea of what makes the hotel truly special. You can also benefit from inquiring about their dining options as these property types would, more
often than not, carry very limited choices when it comes to meals and cuisine. The price points of these properties usually are budget-friendly and it’s also advisable to book your room in advance to get the best deals. Moreover, these properties have finite number of rooms, so booking in advance will give you a higher chance of successfully reserving a room before the property becomes fully booked for your chosen travel dates. You can also visit blogs of people who have featured these hotels to read about rants and raves about these properties and set your expectations. Lastly, make sure that you charge your camera batteries since these property types will have a lot of spots for creative and one of a kind photo opportunities.

So if you think that a Boutique Hotel is what you’re looking for, here are our top 5 picks for these hotel types:

No. 1 – The Henry Hotel

A hotel that art aficionados can rave about

The Henry Hotel
Figure 1 Photo credit: BOOKING.COM

The Henry Hotel makes it mark with its one of a kind concept in interior design. It prides itself in the decor and art pieces that are splayed across the entire properties, form inside the guest bedrooms to the wall designs in their lobby. The hotel’s 36 rooms all have unique and carefully selected art pieces that gives you a whole new and fun experience to hotel accommodations. The entire vibe of this hotel has that novelty aesthetic concept that is truly a sight to behold.
The Henry Hotel

Figure 2 Photo credit: BEYOND CEBU

However, this property is not all about appearances, when it comes to the quality of service and the level of comfort offered by each intricately put together guest room, any traveler will appreciate the quirkiness of their stay at The Henry Hotel.

  • Pros:Ultra modern, hip and artsy interior design that adds a fun and funky cultural ambiance
  • Cons:Property is not so accessible from the city center
  • Hotel Star Rating:Star Rating: 4 Stars
  • Price Range:$$
  • References:The Henry Hotel Cebu Website

No. 2 – Wellcome Hotel

Giving a young and fresh definition to boutique hotels

Wellcome Hotel
Figure 3 Photo credit: TRAVELOKA

The Wellcome Hotel is a quirky and fresh interior design that will give all guests that 3 star hotel experience. The highlight of the hotel is their infinity pool on their deck that gives you a great view of the city.Their lobby and front desk also features an artistic aviation design that is Instagram worthy. Although their breakfast options can benefit from having more inclusions, guest are well taken care of when it comes to their dining experience. With 68 rooms that boasts of amenities of a great hotel room, staying at this hotel will be awesome and budget friendly!


  • Pros:Great location and elegant deck with infinity pool.
  • Cons:Limited breakfast options
  • Hotel Star Rating:Star Rating: 3 Stars
  • Price Range:$$
  • References:Wellcome Hotel Website

No. 3 – Maayo Hotel

Bringing health, wellness, recreation and fun together.

Maayo Hotel
Figure 4 Photo credit: MAAYO HOTEL WEBSITE

Maayo Hotel is one of the newest and best hotels in Cebu Province. Although their room count exceeds what would classify as a boutique hotel, we decided to include this property in this list as it has one of the most unique attributes of a hotel accommodation type.“Maayo” means good or well in Cebuano and living up to its name, this property is the island’s only wellness hotel. They incorporate elements that are said to promote health and well-being in their design and architecture, the warmth of their hospitality, and their stimulation of the senses that gives their guests an increased perception of health during their stay. The property also has a well-designed outdoor infinity pool that gives you a panoramic city view and is indeed a great place for rest and relaxation. Apart from the wellness aspect of the property, Maayo Hotel also takes pride in the talent of Cebu’s local artist as they showcase art pieces by James Doran Webb at their lobby and artisanal items in their souvenir shops that are crafted by Cebuano artists. If you are intending to travel for a quick recharge from the draining humdrums of life, this hotel comes top of our list.

  • Pros:Health and hospitality in one upscale hub
  • Cons:You would have to deal with heavy Mandaue City traffic
  • Hotel Star Rating:Star Rating: 4 Stars
  • Price Range:$$
  • References:Maayo Hotel Website
  • No. 4 – BIG Hotel

    BIG Hotel packs a BIG personality and is BIG in value

    BIG Hotel
    Figure 5 Photo credit: AGODA

    The BIG hotel is considered mainly as a business hotel because of its location being in close proximity to business and industrial hubs in the city. We included it in the listing as it boasts of unique and exceptional attributes that makes it quintessentially a boutique hotel. The hotel is a strong advocate of upcycling and recycling thus the architecture and industrial yet artsy design of the property has this environment-friendly characteristic. Also, it supports Cebu’s local art scene as they have works of Cebuano artist, John Dinglasa in their gallery and they showcase one new local artist every month. It is right across a mall and beside an entertainment complex that gives the hotel’s guests a surplus of recreational (especially nightlife) and dining options.

    • Pros:Strategic location and budget-friendly boutique experience
    • Cons:Limited dining options
    • Hotel Star Rating:Star Rating: 3 Stars
    • Price Range:$$
    • References:BIG Hotel Website
    • No. 5 – Appleton Boutique Hotel

      A great reason to stay in Mactan Island

      Appleton Boutique Hotel

      Appleton Boutique Hotel is an urban accommodation type that is mostly preferred by travelers if they want to stay close to the Mactan International airport. Although it’s around 30 minutes away from Cebu City’s center, it is located close to malls and commercial establishments that gives the hotel’s guest the necessary convenience. It is also an ideal property if you wish to visit Mactan Island’s tourist spots and would want to go island hopping. Considered to be a boutique hotel mainly because of its size and location, the hotel does showcase a modern design and offers a great deal for tourists.