Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Cebu


If you frequently travel for business or recreation and are all about posh accommodations and top of the line service, you can definitely find several high end hotels in Cebu. Separate from resort-hotels, these establishments are more straightforward with the accommodation type and services included in booking a room. While resort-hotels provide a more vacation feel and may be miles away from the center of the metro, these 4 or 5 star hotels are right in the heart of Cebu City’s business and commercial district. This makes it very convenient for hotel guests to get the luxurious accommodation and the ease of going around the city. With the urbanization of the city and its neighboring towns, tourists who visit, whether for business or pleasure, find the amenities and recreational facilities of these high class hotels a comforting home away from home.

Before we give you our top picks for the best luxury hotels in Cebu City, we’d like to give you tips and tricks on getting the most of your stay. When you book hotels, be it a luxury or a budget hotel, make sure to book it days in advance so you can get a better deal in pricing. You can use booking and price match websites that will give you the best option in pricing and reservations, as there are booking websites that will allow you to pay at the hotel and will not require you to give your credit card details on the website. Another helpful tip is to read the reviews of previous guests and pay particular attention to customer reviews that are a recurring theme, or those that are frequently mentioned as these are more likely to be true. If you are arriving from a different city/country via the airport, it is wise to contact the hotel if they offer free/paid shuttle services for their in-house guests. When you are traveling as a group, ask the reservations officer if there are rooms that can accommodate your group size and the corresponding additional rates for the extra beddings and meals. Make sure to call ahead for your special requests or instructions (allergies in food, preference in routine room service, toiletries needed, additional services needed, etc.) so your stay will be streamlined and hassle free.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the 5 best luxury hotels in Cebu:

No. 1 – Marco Polo Hotel

High end comfort and style in one

Marco Polo Hotel
Figure 1 Photo credit: Trip Advisor

With a breathtaking mountain view and sophisticated facilities, Marco Polo Hotel is one of the most preferred by business travelers when visiting Cebu. This hotel used to be the Cebu Plaza hotel and was acquired by the Marco Polo chain of hotels. Although it’s not as accessible as other hotels in the metro via public transportation, this hotel is still a go-to place for dining, and high end accommodation. The establishment is well-maintained and their rooms are spacious and cleaned thoroughly. Their guest relations officers and their staff are helpful and embodies Filipino warmth and hospitality. Plus because of its scenic view, Marco Polo hotel gives you that much needed change of scenery and that weekend getaway feel without having to travel for hours to get to a vacation destination.

  • Pros:Overlooking mountain view of the city and scenic elevator.
  • Cons:It’s not easily accessible for public transportation during off hours.
  • Hotel Star Rating:4 Star
  • Price Range:$$
  • References:Marco Polo Hotel Website

No. 2 – Waterfront Hotel and Casino

Where business mixes well with pleasure

Waterfront Hotel and Casino
Figure 2 Photo credit: CLICK THE CITY

Waterfront Hotel in Cebu is one of the oldest flagship hotels in the metro. It used to monopolize shares in tourist bookings in the early 2000’s given that the hotel is complete with amenities and is strategically located close to business and entertainment districts of Cebu. Apart from its 561 full service guest rooms, the hotel also houses Casino Filipino for gaming fun and recreation. With its proximity to Cebu Business Park and IT Park, it is also a hub for business travelers who visit Cebu for meetings, conferences, etc. And after a hard day’s work, they can either take a quick dip in the hotel’s pool, stretch out weary muscles in the gym, go for an all you can eat dinner at The Port Restaurant, or try out their luck at the slot machines. This hotel provides a right blend of business flair and recreational entertainment that will keep their guests satisfied.

  • Pros:Casino on site and an all you can eat restaurant
  • Cons:Access road to get to the hotel can get pretty jameed during peak hours
  • Hotel Star Rating:4 Star
  • Price Range:$$
  • References:Waterfront Hotel Website

No. 3 – Radisson Blu Cebu

Sophisticated service and warm hospitality in one

Radisson Blu Cebu
Figure 3 Photo credit: RADISSON BLU WEBSITE

Radisson Blu Cebu Hotel sits proudly right in the middle of the North Reclamation Highway. This hotel is a treasure trove of relaxation and luxurious amenities. The hotel staff from the entrance to every nook and cranny of the hotel are very accommodating and professionally trained. There is of course that ever-present warmth of Filipino hospitality that every guest will experience in their entire stay in the hotel. Radisson Blu not only takes pride in catering to their guests’ needs for comfort in accommodation, they also pay particular attention to the dining experience of their patrons. Their Feria Restaurant is by far the best buffet-type dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have a wide variety of dishes across international cuisines that will satisfy a foodie’s discriminating palate. And when you feel that it’s time to burn the calories you’ve packed up over a sumptuous meal at the Feria, you can hit their gym that offers certain number of hours for a personal gym instructor for their in-house guests, or you can hit the pool or hot tub. This hotel spells rest, recreation and relaxation.

  • Pros:Very accessible from the pier and airport; right next to a shopping center
  • Cons:Quite high on the rates of paid services and amenities
  • Hotel Star Rating:5 Star
  • Price Range:$$$
  • References:Radisson Blu Hotel Website

No. 4 – Bai Hotel

Elegance is the name of the game

Bai Hotel
Figure 4 Photo credit: TRAVELOKA

The Bai Hotel opened its doors to the public in 2017 and is the biggest hotel outside Metro Manila. “Bai” is a Cebuano term of endearment for a friend and this hotel perfectly embodies warm and friendly Filipino hospitality. This up and coming pod of leisure and business is proudly Filipino owned and is not just all about sophistication and style, they also value their guests’ safety and security. Apart from the usual inclusion in amenities when you book a room at a hotel, they have enhanced security features built into each guest room. With everything in the hotel being ultra-modern and highly posh, guests are impeccably dressed (they have dress codes in most dining areas). This world-class hotel boast of 668 elegant guest rooms that will not leave their patrons wanting in terms of comfort and luxury. When it comes to dining, this hotel caters to the most finicky diner. They offer a wide array of dining options ranging from Asian to Western cuisine or if one is just looking for a coffee break or a cocktail happy hour. Even being relatively new, the hotel is very promising in terms of guest hospitality and their quality of service.

  • Pros:They have 8 dining options you can choose from
  • Cons:Traffic can be heavy during rush hour
  • Hotel Star Rating:4 Star
  • Price Range:$$$
  • References:Bai Hotel Website

No. 5 – Seda Hotel

A touch of Filipino in every luxurious staycation

Seda Hotel
Figure 5 Photo credit: TRIPADVISOR

The Seda Hotel is the newest luxury hotel in the metro. It sits right next to one of the most upscale shopping and commercial districts in Cebu. Previously owned by The Marriott group of hotels, the property is conveniently located in the middle of Cebu Business Park, making it ideal for business travels. “Seda” meaning silk in Filipino is a type of high end and expensive fabric, usually with vibrant hues and colors. These characteristics translate very well in the hotel’s level of service and quality of amenities. The hotel staff are accommodating and friendly and their rooms are well maintained and exquisitely clean. Although if you have stayed in the property when it was still owned by The Marriot hotel, you might be comparing the features and inclusions, still Seda does not disappoint when it comes to a posh and sophisticated stay.

  • Pros:Right in the center of Cebu’s business district
  • Cons:Being relatively new in Cebu, it has not received any marketing hype
  • Hotel Star Rating:4 Star
  • Price Range:$$
  • References:Seda Hotel Website

Luxury hotels can be on the more hefty end of the price scale and not everyone will opt for these types of grand spending. An average Joe may consider these unnecessary and exorbitant and would go for cheaper travel options, and that’s okay. However, with these high-end and world class hotel accommodation, you’re all set for a luxurious stay with top hat services and an experience that’s nothing short of extraordinary. Hey, you can include booking a night on one of these (if you haven’t already) in your bucket list, you can keep a lookout for great deals and discounts that these hotels offer, especially for off peak seasons!